During the late 1900’s, the DRG principals developed unsurpassed knowledge of criminal justice design philosophies as the industry searched for more efficient and effective ways to manage criminal offenders. Changes in technology and management during this era lead to an open vision of successful solutions. Since 1978 the principals have successfully completed over 100 criminal justice projects, many of these projects were performed for repeat clients, demonstrating the quality of the firm’s work.

For the five years preceding the establishment of the firm, Wayne Gondeck served as the Chief Planner and Deputy Director for the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. His unique hands-on experience in consulting with county officials, facility operators and design professionals, on over 175 detention projects, brings to the firm an unequaled expertise in developing planning solutions.

Our practice is managed with the direction of a strategic plan of sound objectives:

To maintain the highest level of knowledge of facility operations, management and design.

To utilize construction materials and methods which meet the intended mission of each project.

To provide clients with necessary consultation and technical assistance to determine their needs, develop effective facilities and maintain operational and management efficiency.

Through team management with client practitioners, DRG develops successful projects that attain maximum operational efficiency by proper attention to the flow and function of each facility activity.